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Lecture-based presentations covering treatment options, diagnostic criteria and other current information. Expert lecturers will not provide an overview on the various sleep disorders, but delve into the recent changes that have been made in the field in the past 18-months, as well as where the next 18-months may lead. Topics covered will include insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, hypersomnia and other sleep disorders.

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Insomnia treatment and therapy options – Dr. Paul Glovinsky

How to know if you have a sleep disorder – Dr. Steve Carstensen

Parkinson’s, dementia, and the elderly – Dr. Phyllis Zee

Sleep apnea diagnosis and treatments – Dr. John Fleetham

Restless legs syndrome causes and treatments – Dr. Richard Allen

Can my dentist help me sleep? – Dr. Fernanda Almeida

Sleep, insomnia, and depression – Dr. Charles Morin

Why am I sleepy during the day? – Dr. David Rye

How sleep can affect your health – Dr. Virend Somers

Why do I keep falling asleep? – Dr. Michael Thorpy

Falling asleep at the wheel – Dr. Mark Howard

Sleep walking, night terrors, and nightmares – Dr. Antonio Zadra

Effect of sleep on sports performance and sports injury – Dr. Charles Samuels

Managing sleep disorders in infants to adolescents – Dr. DelRosso

Women and sleep: pregnancy to menopause – Dr. Melissa C. Lipford

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